Different types of Psychology analysis

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Reaction paper based on my understanding of five articles Psychology based.
By Ryan A McDougal
Athens Tech Student

After reading five articles on perspective, free will, behaviorists, supernatural, and theories I compelled a body of summaries of what I read as well as how I feel they all mean to me. They all use different parts of psychology to explain different forms of study and ways to view the nature of what psychology has become. In the field of business in which I am pursuing these collaborations will help me understand how to think and interact with other individuals that I may do business with in the future to perform accurately and in a very
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“The studies discussed so far have shown that existential beliefs require a certain level of cognitive development to be fully expressed”. (Berring, 2006) This came from the article and is a very good statement on what the article stood for.
“The conspiracy theory detector”, was very interesting as it debates how to figure truth and not rule out thing that may connect natural like a puzzle. It also talked about how to learn what to interpret as truth and what is ridiculous. The point I think to this is weather people just want to challenge events naturally and sometimes we don’t want to hear other opinions. “The act that politicians sometimes lie or that corporations occasionally cheat does not mean that every event is the result of a tortuous conspiracy. Most of the time stuff just happens, and our brains connect the dots into meaningful patterns” (M. Sherman, 2010)
These articles are all different but in ways very similar as far as the point of how psychology is used in the world and in its situations. I feel the brain is a big factor in these articles and how it has developed has determined the outcomes in these articles as far as relationship. Although many are very different they all used similar points and I felt it was the function of the brain in which they all were connected in some form of the articles.

Bering, J.M. (2006). The cognitive psychology of
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