Differential Association Theory Of Gang Rape

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Source: Teens Accused in Brooklyn Playground Gang Rape Claim Sex was Consensual;
Synopsis: In January 2016, five teens were arrested and charged with gang rape. These men were suspected to have gang raped an 18-year-old woman in a Brooklyn Park. The boys ranged from ages 14 to 17. According to police, the victim in the case stated that the boys came into the park when she and her dad had been drinking. The boys had a gun and threatened her father to leave the park then the acts occurred. Police said that the father found an officer and lead them to the scene. Arriving upon the scene, the officer said the girl was hysterically and covered in scraped and bruises all over her body. After
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The differential association theory states that people learn criminal attitudes and behaviors from close trusted friends or relatives. In this article, these five boys are obviously very good friends. These boys committed this act of gang rape with the help and encouragement of each other. The boys range in ages from 14-17 so the younger boys are learning from the older ones. Each boy gave the police a statement about the incident. Based on the younger boy’s statement, it is quite apparent that he was learning from the 17 year old. He told the police that the victim consented to have different types of sex with three of the boys. However, it was said that all the boys participated in the act. Therefore, the younger boys saw that the act was ok and jumped in as well. The other boys jumped in because they learned from their close friends. This is exactly what the differential association theory discusses. The theory emphasizes that people learn criminal actions and attitudes from close friends. In conclusion, in this case the boys encouraged each other in the situation. Also, the younger
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