Differential Disease Diagnosis

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Bobby is a nine-year-old African-American boy who is the third child in a sibship of six. Bobby's parents are divorced and he lives with his mother and siblings. He is in the fourth grade at Lewiston elementary school. He was referred for displays of negative, defiant, and disobedient behaviors in school and at home.
DSM-IV-TR Diagnosis
Axis I: 313.81 Oppositional Defiant Disorder
R/O 296.3 Major Depressive Disorder, Chronic
Axis II: V71.09 None
Axis III: None reported
Axis IV: Displays defiant behaviors with authority figures and peers. Has trouble communicating his feelings to others.
Axis V: 35
Differential Diagnosis
Bobby displays defiant behaviors in the context of being told what to do or when he does not get his way. He loses his temper, argues with adults and peers, refuses to comply with requests or rules, blames others for his mistakes, is very annoyed by other people, throws temper tantrums, and is often angry, spiteful, and resentful of others. These behaviors have resulted in significant distress for Bobby in the areas of his social and educational achievement. They have also led to significant strain in the relationships with his teachers, peers, and his mother. He does not display the blatant disregard for the rights of others or intentional behaviors designed to violate the rights of others it would be as would be seen in a Conduct Disorder.
Likewise, there is no compelling evidence that he would fully meet the criteria for Attention
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