Differentiate Between Delirium And Dementia

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Qsn. 1 Differentiate between delirium and dementia
Delirium is also referred to acute state of confusion that presents in three forms. Its symptoms are severe confusion and bewilderment in the hyperactive form it is also characterized by an equally sudden pulling out from dealings with friends and the rest of the outside world. In the third form that is mixed delirium all these symptoms occur in an individual, it however occurs in people in their later years, Birks, J 2006. Delirium is also characterized by attention deficits, irregular course and a broad-spectrum severe ineptitude of performance. Cognitive deficits, perceptual deficits, tainted sleep-wake cycle, psychotic features and changes in arousal. These psychotic features include hallucinations and delusions. Delirium is a clinical set of symptoms and not a disease and mostly consequences from a core disease. Dementia is a broad category of brain disease that is often characterized by the ability to clear reasoning and the ability to thin are lost resulting into a severe effect on how one functions. People with dementia have symptoms such as agitation, balance problems, tremor, speech and language difficulty, memory distortions, depression or anxiety, disinhibition and impulsivity, wandering or restlessness and trouble eating and swallowing, Rochon P.A. 2009.
Qsn. 2Describe differences in dementia from Alzheimer’s disease, HIV-1…
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