Essay on Differentiation Framework

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Differentiation Framework Throughout our lesson we have learned about people decisions and how many different important factors play a part in becoming a successful manager. Understanding how to make strategic decisions and how its importance to a company is crucial, in order for growth and success to be produced. An important factor in a company success is having in the right people in the right positions. Differentiation is a way to manage people and businesses. Differentiation can be used as a management system to determine the right people and business strategies that will transform a company to be exceptional. Although, differentiation is a unique approach, it will separate the strong from the weak bottom performing…show more content…
Welch feels these are just all excuses to not use differentiation. This differentiation system has been proven to work in many organizations. 2. Determine which framework you would use to assess your own employees, why you would use it and how it would differentiate employees. Employees have a direct impact on company strategic capabilities; strategic positions are characterized by variability in the performances of the employees holding those jobs. I have worked in management many years in the customer service industry and seen directly how this is a very true statement. I have seen employees with positive strong work ethnics that have added value to the service of the company. I have also seen employees that have negative work ethnics and how that attitude alone affected the company. When a customer has an interaction with an employee it is associated with the company. The employee is a representation of the company; therefore it is extremely important to have strategies in place to differentiate employees. The bad ones can be eliminated through this process. Employees need to know what is expected of them in order to know what and how to implement strategic objectives. A differentiated workforce requires that you first clearly understand the role of each job in executing your company strategy and how employees need to perform within
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