Diffferent Types of Colonial Literature Essay

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American literature extends its roots into colonial times. The works of the earliest North Americans include contributions by Natives and settlers alike, with many similar and differing historical influences, themes, and genres. The Native Americans, before colonial life even began, had developed a strong system of oral storytelling revolving mostly around mother nature. When the Puritans arrived, seeking religious asylum from Europe, their reserved and conservative ways leaked into colonial literature and greatly differed from their Rationalist counterparts. Pieces of fiery poetry also emerged from early American quills, but much of colonial literature was written by Rationalists and centered around establishing order and a way of life in the New World.
When the first colonists arrived from Europe, the Native American population in the Americas had already reached fifty million people. With this vast number of inhabitants came an understandably enormous amount of tradition and storytelling, most of which was passed from generation to generation orally. An important theme that is woven throughout Native American literature is honoring and educating others about the earth and its spirits. Take for example the poem “Sky Tree,” as retold by Joseph Bruchac. In this passage the chief’s wife feels such a connection and duty to mother nature that, when the tree of life is toppled, she says, “Without the tree, there can be no life. I must follow it.” Aataenstic virtually…