Difficult Conversations Final Paper Conflict Resolutions

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Final Paper Difficult Conversations By Wayne State University School of Social Work Social Work 6991 Professor Pauline Everette Fall 2012 Conflict is everywhere we go, at home, school, church in the community and especially at work. How we decide to handle the conflict at hand will determine whether we strengthen the relationship or break it up. Each situation can be dealt with in a way that can bring healing instead of animosity and further pain. Most of the time conflict is looked at as a negative experience that most people refuse to be a part of because of their own lack of conflict management skills; but if both parties are willing to sit down and discuss the issue, there is a possibility of a positive…show more content…
B) John’s intentions were to convince me that all they were going to do is study and if I allowed it with some ground rules like leave the door open, only when parents are home and a time limit, he would have followed those rules only until I got comfortable with the idea and slacked up on looking in on them, then he would have tried to get intimate with the young lady, which eventually could lead to having sexual intercourse in my home. (Not going to happen) C) My contribution to the problem was as John grew up, I allowed my best friend’s daughter, (who was the same age and they grew up together), to visit/play with John in his room and even to date when she comes over she freely would walk to his bedroom and they would sit up and watch TV on his bed, sometimes with the door closed. I felt no harm in the situation because they would say they were cousins and treated each other as such. II. What happen? What is the other’s story? What happen was John threw that situation in my face, he said, “Mom what difference does it make, Kim, (name change for confidentiality), comes over lays in the bed with me to watch TV and sometimes when you and her mom go out, she spends the night and me and her are only friends.” John’ story was “Kim isn’t my only female friend, you don’t trust me.” A) The impact for me was tough for me to swallow; I was lost for words because he was correct. I
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