Difficult Life of the Abused

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The Abused have no choice
Throughout history slavery has always existed whether the world chooses to focus on only the accounts of slavery on a large scale. Slavery has multiple forms whether it is in the form of enslaving captives from wars between tribes or slaves working in mines for a higher class. Slavery was not “invented” during European Colonization just exploited on a large scale. During the colonization of America, Europeans did not enslave the Native Americans living there in the beginning but instead built a relationship that benefited both sides. After time as their relationship grew so did European greed for resources, slavery, and land. Europeans wanted more of everything and as a result forced their former ally into bondage. Native Americans and African-Americans both are a people exposed to the horrors of expulsion, slavery, racism and war. In the time period, 18th century, of our writers Red Jacket, Tecumseh, and Sojourner Truth the United States was a more racialized society than it is today. A racialized society is a society where the color of someone’s skin significantly affects a person’s life experiences, the opportunities around them, and their personal view of the world. In the 18th century, an African-American man or women only had a few number of opportunities either they work for the rest of their lives as a slave, become a free slave, try to escape, or die. It was the same for Native Americans except not all Indians where put into slavery
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