Difficulties Addressing Drug Treatment Outcomes

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Difficulties Addressing Drug Treatment Outcomes in Central Baltimore Exploring the Lack of Administrative Data After Treatment Introduction Baltimore City has a drug problem, more specifically Baltimore City has a heroin and opioid addiction problem that different stakeholders are trying to address. Public administrators are faced with challenges of limited resources, shrinking budgets, and overtaxed services when operating both public and private organizations. Addiction and the multiple layers of bureaucracy associated with treatment provide an opportunity to explore difficulties identifying quantitative administrative data, post treatment. This essay will identify central issues regarding current policies, major stakeholders, and…show more content…
Proof of another concern involves how the system is set up to document treatment programs for each receiving assistance. The established procedures for intake, evaluation and treatment plan receive scrutiny due to the need to pay for services and reimbursement. All interactions between patient and provider are captured and billed for payment. Unfortunately, There are no external pressures moving policymakers and health care providers to research treatment outcomes once individuals complete their programs. Research Numerous studies have focused on program evaluation and delivery methods for treating drug addiction. Research topics began with comparing medicine assisted treatments (MAT) outcomes between methadone and buprenorphine. Use of Whelan and Remski’s 2012 journal entry regarding methadone versus buprenorphine treatments for addiction to heroin and opioids provided perspective. Although comparing India to Central Baltimore could be debated, there are similarities between Baltimore and India regarding poverty, services, and addiction treatments. However, Whelan and Remski’s limited research and review could only provide some of the factors of choosing one treatment over the other. The factors included cost-effectiveness, safety, and overdose potential (Whelan and Remski, 2012, 49). The overall conclusions were inconclusive, as patients missed the “nodding off.“effects of heroin when using buprenorphine. Also, there are higher
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