Difficulties And Challenges Of Learning

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One of the greatest skills that we have developed as a people is our capacity and ability for language. Creating a way for us to communicate spread ideas and further enriches our lives, language both verbally and written, has been a great benefit to our lives. Unfortunately not everyone is as quick to understand language in its forms, for example when a person may have difficulties in reading. Obviously this would create a great hindrance to a person’s life, and there have been a few identified factors that have correlated with difficulties in learning to read. One of the main connections that has been found is that a person who has difficulty in processing sounds of words, that they may also have lessened reading abilities. In discussing …show more content…

For one, even though there has been shown to be a link between auditory and verbal abilities and reading, they are only parts of what make up the entire whole process of reading (Bishop and Snowling 2004, Cain et al. 2004). Secondly is because there are a few important distinctions to make between the two group sets. First would be the types of skills that fall in each group. Examples of skills that fall within the phonological side are letter-sound knowledge and phoneme awareness (Hulme et al. 2012). In discussing phonemes, they can be defined as “a unit of sound to distinguish units of meaning” or put more simply, the different noises that when put together create words (Fox and Routh 1980). Non-phonological skills on the other hand would relate to semantics along with dealing with the definitions and comprehension of words (Bowyer-Crane et al. 2008). The second is the problems associated within each skill set. When dealing with problems associated with reading, on the phonological side concerns with word decoding may arise if these skills slack (Bowyer-Crane et al. 2008). With non-phonological skills issues, problems with reading comprehension can occur (Bowyer-Crane et al. 2008). In discussing problems that arise within the phonological group set, along with more in depth skill insights, a number of researchers have found vital breakthroughs. In dealing with the learning of reading, phonological awareness has

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