Difficulties Faced by Nursing Students in Saudi Arabia

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Difficulties faced by Saudi Students & PreceptorsPage 4 Difficulties Faced By Nursing Students & Their Preceptors In Saudi Arabia Contents Introduction 3 Before the internship: 3 Weak students' educational preparation 3 Difficulty in Finding Placement and Some Hospital Are Not Ready For Those Students 4 Need for Orientation before Starting The Internship Program 5 During the internship: 6 Lack of national standards that govern the internship period 6 Need for Courses and Workshops About The Internships 6 Vaccine For the Students Prior Been Accepted 7 Legal Issues 8 Students and preceptors agree that there is a need for clinical instructors from the university 9 During the internship: 10 Students Are Learning New Skills and Preceptor Also Learning About The Saudi Culture From The Students 10 Students Feel That the Local Preceptor Are Willing To Teach Them More Than International Preceptors 11 Students Feel That the Preceptor Always Giving Them Small Task Like Taking Vital Sings 12 Students Feel That Having A Primary Preceptor Is Better Than Having Different Preceptors Every Now And Then 12 Preceptors Feel That Some Students May Have Negative Attitudes 13 Preceptors Are Busy and Have Workload Already 14 Preceptors Seek Extra Payment or At Least Some Sort Of Acknowledgment For Their Role 14 Students and Preceptors Feel That Developing Trust Is Very Important Factor 15 Students and Preceptors Having English Language Barrier 15
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