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Title: Importance and difficulties of Human resource management in a hotel organization
The importance of human resource management (HRM) in a hotel organization
Human resource management plays a critical role in one organization as a key function to maximize people’s performances within the organization’s goals and objectives. It consists of primarily tasks – recruitment, performance appraisal, training and development, and compensation (Baum, 2006). Within each task, HRM focuses on creating system, policies, and procedures to manage, promote and motivate people in order to ensure the business strategy can be achieved through HRM practices as one of the main keys.
In a hotel organization, HRM is extreme important because of unique features of this organization. Hotel industry tends to be service -oriented and has a strong emphasis on human exchange in the service delivery process. Key characteristics of the hotel are product – service
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The staffs must understand clearly the customer’s wants and needs and strives to deliver the best one to satisfy them. Once the effective communication is performed well, the customers will be satisfied, and the hotel’s products and services can be delivered to them fully. From this hotel’s characteristics, it is clear to confirm that HRM must focus on communication as one criterion to hire employees as well as a key in training activities. By selecting good communication people, HRM need to pay high attention to train them towards a more effective communication, outstanding customer understanding and empathy, and willingness to support customers during the service delivery process. In the other words, if there is not HRM, the hotels cannot have the valuable personnel as well as effective communicators to work with
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