Difficulties in Baby Boomers

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1.) What difficulties—from retiring baby boomers in the United States to a graying China, to the massive overhang of Europe’s elderly—can private corporations, governments, and other sectors expect as the aging revolution unfolds across the globe? How will changing demographics affect workforce composition? Retirement age? Pension outlays? Taxation? Immigration? Economic growth? How can governments, corporations, and nongovernmental organizations work together to address these issues? China is expected to lower production rates as people seem to be getting older and the amount of children that people can have in controlled and kept down to 1 per couple. With the population of China decreasing, the amount of workers will also decrease…show more content…
Governments, corporations, and nongovernmental organizations are constantly working together to try and get rid of the 1 child law. By getting rid of this law, there will be a larger population throughout China which will be able to go into the different work fields that are available. There will also be a larger number to take care of the elderly and the overall population will increase. 2.) A. Why do people leave some countries and migrate to other countries around the world? What kinds of issues, both positive and negative, result from such movements? For example, why do governments place restrictions on immigration? Provide an example of immigration restrictions that the United States has implemented in the last five years. Research and summarize an immigration restriction imposed by another nation. There are many reasons why people migrate to other countries. In China, the main reason is problems with the government. Many Chinese students graduate from college and migrate to other countries due to the government being very difficult and radical. In China businesses must reapply for their license every 3 years and sometimes they’re afraid that it will not be reassigned to them. This has become a major cause for entrepreneurs to leave China and bring their businesses oversea to another country. The entrepreneurs are opening their companies away from China which means China is losing all that revenue. Other places seem to have less restrictions as well as more
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