Difficulties of Colonisation of Mars Using the Shoemakers Ark

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There are many reasons that Mars’ colonisation using Shoemakers Ark is a good idea, however, there are also many contradictory arguments that may also make Mars uninhabitable. Understandably, Mars’ colonisation seems like a fantastic idea to preserve the human race from extinction, but have leading scientist and powerful governments considered the small details of this seemingly impossible venture?
Firstly, Mars’ temperatures are far too unstable for human colonisation to exist. Currently, Mars functions at -127 degrees to 27 degrees Celsius which is far outside human comfort. However, as discussed in question 4, modern technologies can prevail over this complex issue through climate control measures for example. These measures can easily replicate Earth’s comfortable temperature and also regulate humidity. Compounds like these already exist in high altitude areas such as the Himalayas. Thus, scientists could easily create ‘Climate Control Compounds’ using similar techniques and construction methods. Therefore, with a simple adaptation to our already existent technology, we can be one step closer to creating Shoemakers Ark.
On the other hand, the colonisation in these Climate Control Compounds will be restricting and uncomfortable for the majority of civilians. Lack of Leisure resources and “open spaces” may result in conflict inside the Colonisation. This conflict does not provide any positive productiveness in the advancement of the human race. Strict rules,
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