Difficulties of Truman's Taking the Presidency from Roosevelt

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As Vice President, Harry S. Truman seldom saw President Roosevelt, therefore acquiring no updates on the progress of the atomic bomb or the developing predicament with Communist Russia. After Roosevelt’s unexpected death, these dilemmas as well as an array of wartime problems became Truman’s to resolve as the new president. When he came into office on April 2nd, 1945, World War II was nearing its end, leaving Europe in absolute chaos. Truman had to search for ways to aid the country in picking up the pieces from war. Thus, in a foreign and domestic sense, he inherited a country in total turmoil and disorientation. Americans at home still could not feel the devastation caused by the war, which ultimately contributed to the failure of…show more content…
Additionally, Americans feared Soviet motives. In April 1941, the Soviet Union signed the non-aggression pact with Japan, however after Germany’s defeat, they declared war on Japan on August 9th, 1945. The increase in Soviet influence in Eastern Europe, after the surrender of Germany, and perhaps in Asia, if the declaration of war actually occurred, troubled the United States. Unease at the fact that an attack on Japan would cause extreme American military losses resulted in the atomic bomb drop. Due to this, President Truman delivered the Truman Doctrine. “The Truman Doctrine amounted to a declaration against Russian influence beyond the boundaries laid down in 1945” (73). This document showed America’s first strides towards repressing communism. Truman reacted before Russia had the chance to expand its communism across Europe.

George Marshall occupied the Secretary of State position during Truman’s presidency. He impacted Truman’s foreign policies regarding Europe. He believed that in order to halt the expansion of a communist regime, European countries needed to become stronger and autonomous. Marshall understood that limiting communism would require time and effort. He recognized that to become independent, European countries would primarily have to rely on the aid of other countries in order to regain a foothold. He did not however, want these countries to depend on Russia for assistance, as it would allow Russia
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