Difficulties with Effective Teamwork

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Teamwork is a process among workers that ensures that your company thrives and grows to its highest potential. When everyone collaborates together then the effects are in positive abundance. Possessing the skills to collaborate with others is more effective than the energy it takes to do the job (Global post,2014). Cultural confusion whether it is personal, ethical or linguistic happens in all professional environments and can cause angst and strife (Hattersley,2007). It is a main proponent in the “disgruntled” workers, thus causing a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment lowers morale and people start to not care about the job that they are doing. They treat the customers and coworkers with ill respect. A hostile work environment results in multiple call ins, no calls and no shows, and workers wanting to leave the job early, which causes extra work for the workers that are there or those who come after them. A hostile work environment has a spiral effect and trickles down until even the customers come in upset and leave upset, knowing that they will not have a nice experience in said establishment. Failing to understand other cultures can lead to negativity and unwanted chaos. “The joke of one man can be a deadly insult to another (Hattersley,2007)”. It is important to do your best to communicate with people outside of one’s own culture, especially in a place of employment. It shows character, leadership and helps boost morale. Boosting the morale of a
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