Diffusion And Diffusion Lab Report

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For part one of the State Lab we prepared to build a model cell using a false membrane to test diffusion which is the process by which the collisions between molecules cause them to separate out for simple sugar which is glucose and starch. The first thing we did was create a cell and we did this by first taking a dialysis tube and put it under warm tap water for a few minutes until it can gently be pull out of the end. Then, when we get it open we seal on part of the the tube by folding it over and with a piece of string. After, add ¼ glucose solution then add enough starch solution halfway through the tube. After all of the solutions are then added lock the other end of the tube by tying it with another pair of string. We then got a beaker and filled it up with water and added starch…show more content…
The process that is occurring that we would see is osmosis is a special type of diffusion which is when the molecules are moving from a high concentration of water to a low concentration of water to have a water balance. The first thing we did was put a piece of onion on a slide with tap water and then under a microscope and analysis how the cell looks which was clear to see the cell wall as well as the cell membrane and the cytoplasm. Then, we added the salt water solution on the onion and put it under the microscope and let it sit for a few. By adding salt water it would make the water move out of the cell because the surrounding area is hypertonic. After a few we check back with the onion and noticed that the cell was shrinking and the cell membrane was becoming a curve and cytoplasm began to shrink, therefore, we conclude that if a cell is placed in solution with different concentration it would either shrink or swell it's all depending on the place where there is a low concentration that the water can move
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