Diffusion And Diffusion Of Diffusion

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Cultural Diffusion Diffusion occurs when people, their ideas and things move from one location to another location. There are several types of diffusion that can occur. According to The Human Mosaic there are five types of diffusion that can occur. The first type of diffusion that occurs is called relocation diffusion. Relocation diffusion occurs when an individual or individuals migrate and bring along certain traits and ideas with them to the new location. Examples of traits that some people bring with them are their languages, certain mannerisms, religions, their dress and even their diet. One example of a trait that is highly diffused is Christianity. We can see from the map on page 28 and 29 that Christianity is a religion that is highly diffused throughout many countries. From the map it shows that Christianity is found in locations such as Australia, Brazil, USA and Russia (Smith 28,29). Another type of diffusion is expansion diffusion. During expansion diffusion, practices and ideas are spread over a population from one area to the next having a snowball effect. Expansion diffusion has a total of three different subtypes. The first subtype of expansion diffusion is hierarchical diffusion. With Hierarchical diffusion only select populations are affected by traits and ideas being diffused. Hierarchical diffusion is thought to affect individuals who are of higher importance or from one urban area to another urban area, skipping the rural places in between. An

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