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Lab Report #1: Diffusion Introduction: The human body undergoes a variety of processes throughout each and every day in order to sustain life. Tasks such as walking, breathing, and digesting what has been eaten are sometimes considered mundane, even taken for granted. One such process that is necessary to maintain life is diffusion. Diffusion is a key factor in moving ions, fuels, and other molecules into and out of the blood. It is one of the most important components in supplying oxygen to the alveoli and removing carbon dioxide. Without diffusion, substances would find it very difficult to pass through membranes and could cause detrimental effects to the human body. The paradox scientists have drawn is…show more content…
Materials/Methods:      In order to properly experience each of the simulations it is necessary to have access to Microsoft Excel and MatLab, a program designed allowing scientists to view data in a visual format. The first simulation, as mentioned, dealt with a single molecule randomly moving in an open area. It is assumed that the molecule will move from a higher concentration to a lower concentration based on the laws of diffusion and that the molecule will move a set distance in one step before heading randomly into its next direction. The molecule will proceed randomly through several hundred steps and countless collisions with a fixed free path length, or the average distance between each collision. The second simulation demonstrates several molecules randomly moving in a designated area. This simulation is similar to the first in that it is also a random walk with a fixed free path length and random direction after each collision. Ten thousand molecules start at the origin to show this relationship because we are assuming that the molecules have no size, however this would not be physically possible outside of the simulation. Again the assumption is made that the molecules will move from a higher concentration (near the origin) to a lower concentration (away from the origin.) Another simplification is also made in order to allow the

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