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Katrina White-Moore 3/6/11 COM-126 Comm. and the Media Ms. Keri Smith Diffusion of Innovation, when deciding to develop this product I had to think of a big new insight of what the consumer needs, wants, and how they view and use the product. Believe it or not, American loves to try new products that would enhance their lives each day. By developing the product it will also help find what people like and dislike in order making this product successful. Step 1 - Insight Finding of Identification: Trying to "sell to the consumer" on your views is seldom successful; but by watching what they buy daily to use on their face each day will point you straight to terrific new insights. Example: “Procter & Gamble's efforts…show more content…
To insure I do not get scammed, I must screen the package company background as to how many non-deliveries and deliveries were completed without breakage. I will also need to know if the company will reimburse for any damage to the product. Step 6 - Introductory Marketing/Promotion Materials: “Remember, the consumer should always drive your efforts, and when you get off track and the consumers tell you, you must listen. This is the reason you keep checking with them, to make sure you have stayed true to their original guidance. Listen -- this is the single best way to improve your new product, advertising, and packaging efforts.” In conclusion I found that by producing the product I was able to help several consumers with skin blemishing and aging problems. Many consumers continue to live with their skin unhealthy due to high costs of several different products. Now consumers are grateful to make a choice from a product that will have the same quality and effect but at a lower price in the market world. Reference http://www.nmoa.org/articles/dmnews/developinganewproduct.htm Great job meeting all requirements of the assignment specified in the course syllabus. Good job on this writing assignment! Major points of the paper were stated clearly. You did well identifying a new idea conducive to the Diffusion of Innovations Theory. The paper was easy to follow, well written and organized. All major points were
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