Diffusion on a Liquid in a Liquid

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Part A: Diffusion on a liquid in a liquid.

I did an experiment with three different glasses of tap water from the faucet. All three cups measured the same which happened to be 13 cm from the top of the cup to the bottom of the cup. I let the water settle, and sit for about an hour so the temperature was the same for all three cups. I then placed one drop of food coloring into the first glass and waited for the coloring to reach the bottom. I calculated 93 seconds. I then went to the second glass and duplicated the experiment in the same exact manner and counted 107 seconds. Finally I went to third glass, did the same as before and counted for 103 seconds. To figure the rate of diffusion you must divide the distance the dye migrated in cm
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It appeared to be shriveled throughout the whole specimen. It measured 2,000 cubic millimeters in size. The specimen in the 3.50% solution was also softer more so on the outside, it appeared to be darkened more towards to outer edges and also smaller in size than the original size pre exposure to the solution. It measured 3,000 cubic millimeters in size. The specimen took from the 1.75% solution seems pretty close to the size that it originally appeared. The color was the same as before however it did seem softer to the touch. It measured 4,000 cubic millimeters in size. The final specimen taken from the 0.00% solution was significantly bigger than before it was placed in the solution and a lot harder. The color stayed the same. It measured 6,000 cubic millimeters in size.


Table 1: Potato Core Measurements

Salt Solution: 0.00% 1.75% 3.50% 7.00% Beginning avg volume 4,000 cubic millimeters 4,000 cubic millimeters 4,000 cubic millimeters 4,000 cubic millimeters Ending avg volume 6,000

cubic millimeters 4,000

cubic millimeters 3,000 cubic millimeters 2,000 cubic millimeters


The results came out the way they did because of the simple process called osmosis. Because the 7% solution had so much more sodium than the
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