Digestion and Stomach Function

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Project 3.2.2 and Project 3.2.3: Student Resource Sheet Use the information found below to guide your research and to design your model. Guiding questions are broken down by assignment. Take notes, answer questions, and complete sketches in your laboratory journal. 1. Oral cavity, pharynx, (must also include accessory organs such as salivary glands, tongue, and teeth) What is the oral cavity and what does it contain? The oral cavity contains the tongue and teeth. What is the function of the salivary glands? Salivary glands are responsible for excreting saliva which helps with chewing and swallowing. The saliva is the first step to digestion; enzymes in the saliva begin the process. What is the function of the tongue? The…show more content…
Duodenum is the first section of the small intestine, this is where the first part of digestion is completed. Food is mixed with bile and enzymes both of which help break down the food. Jejunum is where the foods nutrients are absorbed. Lleum is the last part of the small intestine where the bile acids are returned to the liver and any excess water is absorbed. What is the pH within the small intestine and how is this pH maintained? The pH of the region is maintained at 7 or 8 this is the pH that is optimal for the enzymes to function. This is kept at a constant with the bile from the gallbladder. Where do bile and pancreatic enzymes enter the small intestine? The bile moves down the common bile duct, through the pancreatic duct and then into the duodenum and through the rest of the intestine. How does food move through the intestines? By 2 different types of contractions. Peristalsis and segmentation, the movements mix the bile in the small intestines with the chyme from the stomach. What enzymes act inside the small intestine and what are the functions of these enzymes? What is the function of the large intestine in relation to digestion? The large intestine functions to absorb the remaining water from the indigestible food matter and then to pass the matter out of the body. What are the three sections of the large intestine and what roles does each play in digestion or absorption? How does the large intestine help maintain a water
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