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Digestion of Cheetos It’s a typical day. After school you get home and you are starving, but you just want a snack. “What should I eat?,” you ask yourself. Then, after looking through the cabinets for a few minutes, you find Cheetos and decide to eat a few. With just the presence of those Cheetos in your sight, the digestion process begins in your 9 meter long digestive tract.

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch. As you munch on those first few Cheetos the digestion process begins in your mouth. Here, mechanical digestion begins to reduce the size of the Cheeto and mixes the food particles with saliva. The tongue helps mix and move the pieces of Cheeto throughout the mouth. The salivary glands in the mouth also contribute to the
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Now in the duodenum, accessory organs add their secretions to the chyme. First is the pancreas. It adds pancreatic juice to the chyme, which contains many enzymes that digest carbohydrates, fats, nucleic acids, and proteins. Pancreatic amylase begins to split the last of the fifteen grams of carbohydrates into double sugars. The pancreatic lipase breaks down the ten grams of fat into fatty acids and glycerol. There are three other protein-splitting enzymes called trypsin, chymotrypsin, and carboxypeptidase.
These break the bonds between particular combinations of amino acids in proteins. The hormone, secretin, controls the secretion of pancreatic juices. When CCK and secretin join together, they slow down the activity of the stomach. The liver is another important accessory organ. It stores many substances, glycogen, iron, and vitamins A, D, and B12. It also helps maintain the normal concentration of blood glucose. The liver produces bile, which is important to digestion. The gall bladder stores, strengthens, and secretes the bile. CCK stimulates the gall bladder to secrete bile.
Bile salts aid digestive enzymes. They break down fat globules into smaller droplets and enhance absorption. The Cheetos, in the form of chyme, are now traveling through the small intestine. In the small intestine, sucrase, maltase, and lactase split the double sugars into simple sugars, and

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