Digestive Lab Report

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How my tommy ate the class

One day me and my friends were going to science class, we were so excited to go because we were doing an experiment on the digestive system the whole class went except tommy, when told him to stay to keep the class safe. When we left he opened a bag of chips and we sat in his hand and he ate us. First we went inside the mouth were tommy cut and grinds and triggered his chemical in saliva glands to work with the mechanism of the tongue salivary glands in your mouth makes salivary amylase, which begins the digestive process by breaking down starch when you chew your food,that's how the food into was cut into smaller pieces, after that he swallowed the food and we went down the esophagus we saw epiglottis which is a flexible flap at the end of the larynx connecting it to the throat, it acts like a switch permitting air to pass through as you swallow the food, then we saw the peristalsis , a peristalsis is a muscle contracting in a wave like motion to move the food to the stomach after that we saw the lining of the esophagus, the lining of that esophagus is called a mucosa it runs down the windpipe and heart in front of the spinal cord to prevent food from just dropping into the windpipe, this is starting the digestion process, after that it takes us down the stomach, then
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after that we pass through a hole in his stomach leading us to the doorway to his small intestine so we get out tough suites on to get ready to go out of the bus to go for a dip in tommy is belly, but micha and rudy thought it was funny to go without suits and when they stepped out the bus th fell and died so we left them any way back to the story, we spotted villi which absorb the nutrients which transferred it to the bloodstream to be delivered to all parts of the body, which is the next step in digestion, after that we went through the large intestine the teachr told us that te bacteria in the large intestine is there so you could futher
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