Digestive Systems And The Digestive System

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The digestive system provides for the function of the human body to take in consumptions, ingest those consumptions, break down complex molecules that make up those consumptions, absorb the necessary components our bodies need to function, and proceed to remove the waste product. This process is performed through means of complex mechanic and chemical digestion, and uses several major organs and components of the body to perform these processes. Additional functions are performed by hormones and enzymes secreted through various parts of the digestive organs as well. As a result of these functionals, the body is enabled to maintain homeostasis, and live ultimately healthier lives. However, health risks from various forms of problems and disorders within the digestive system can be altered significant amounts from consuming foods and substances that will have a negative affect on our bodies. Fortunately, we have the ability to pick and choose what goes into our digestive tract, and what does not.

The Digestive System As living and breathing human beings, we have all sorts of necessities that need to be fulfilled in order to maintain our health, chemical balance, and survival. Many of these necessities account for the various bodily parts and functionals that reside within us. The body consists of eleven organ systems which all perform specific functions that allow us to fulfill, maintain, and monitor these necessities through out our life span.…
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