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Digi Telecommunications
Digi uses Sugar Professional™ to manage enterprise customer relationships and ensure high level of customer satisfaction
Company Profile Headquarters Shah Alam, Malaysia Company Description DiGi is a leading mobile communications company providing a comprehensive range of affordable, convenient and easy to use wireless services to simplify and enrich the lives of its customers. Users 200 Employees for Sales and Support Customers Serves over 7.2 million mobile customers across the country Solution Sugar Professional Implementation Partner Enjoying a leadership position in a growing industry brings many rewards but also a number of growing pains. Digi, like other telecommunications providers, is quite focused on
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The new system introduced a full integration with fulfillment order system and billing system that reduced manual data entry and allowed salespeople to spend more time selling. iZeno tailored workflow rules that would automatically route leads to sales team based on specific attributes, such as lead source. Sugar Professional also incorporated delivery information in one system to allow sales person to ensure delivery of equipment and activation of lines on time. For management, user-friendly reporting tools allow executives to create charts and customized reports which provides management a 360°view of accounts, sales targets and business line performance. “With the help of iZeno, Sugar Professional has removed obstacles and unlocked the potential of our sales teams,” said Schutt. With its success, Digi plans to expand its implementation of Sugar Professional to more areas in its organization. Specifically, Digi will be introducing Sugar into its field operations—the dealer networks responsible for a large portion of its sales. It will also be deploying Sugar campaign management features to deliver more closed-loop processes between marketing to sales. “We are off to a great start with Sugar and now we see the potential of how it can positively impact our entire customer operations.”

About iZeno

iZeno is the leading service provider of SugarCRM, Compiere ERP and Pentaho BI in the region. We
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