Digital Adventure / Action Cameras Have Changed Our World Essay

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Times Are Changing – How We View Our World Compact action cameras have changed our world. They allow the process of documenting, through picture or video, to become mainstream. In a world of constant connectivity through social media, technology, and the internet we are more connected now than ever. With the advancements of technology in media capturing devices, we are now able to document more than ever. Compact adventure/action cameras have changed the way in which we, as humans, interact with the outdoor world by bringing a social component into play. In this paper we will discuss the uses, the current market, related technology, and explore what the future will look like. Why are we constantly sharing? To answer that question, we need to look at the underlying grasp of constant connectivity. Today’s society has the most connection than any before. Our technology and the internet have shaped our culture in such a way that it is almost a requirement. In this day and age, finding someone who is not connected in any way is few and far between. Social media is a major player in the connectivity of our world. With the more than 1.8 billion daily active users on Facebook, 300 million active daily users (with 500 million monthly) on Instagram, and twitter with 313 million active monthly users, this allows for insurmountable points of connectivity between users, and for the sake of this paper, countless amounts of media (images/videos) being shared (Twitter) (Instagram)
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