Essay on Digital Advertising vs. Print Advertising

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Digital Advertising vs. Print Advertising
Advertising is the action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements. This has been accomplished using a variety of mediums that have evolved through the use of new technologies. Approaches to advertising include television, radio, online, product placement, billboards, newspapers, and magazines. Digital advertising has become a more accessible and effective form of advertising than press advertising in our growing society.
Digital advertising promotes ads through technologically advanced means, such as the internet, television, and telecommunications. It is not to be confused with digital signage, which is a form of electronic display like LCD, LED, and
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This is more commonly known as telemarketing. It is a salesperson directly soliciting to customers over the telephone. This form of advertising leaves more up to words instead of a created image. DialAmerica Marketing Inc. was first company committed to telemarketing for sales and services. Telemarketing techniques are increasingly used in political campaigns. Because of free-speech issues, the laws governing political phone calls are much less strict than those applying to commercials. Many people find these calls to be annoying; subsequently, some states have banned political calls and initiated “Do Not Call List”. The internet has a caused a massive influx in the change of advertising form. Online advertising is disguised in well-known search engines like Google and Yahoo that are used on a daily basis. Rishad Tobaccowala, the “chief innovation officer” of Publicis, one of the world’s biggest advertising groups, says that advertising in this form allows advertisers to “make lots of spearheads and then get people to impale themselves.” The advertisements that show up are in some context related to what is entered in the search bar. The first online advertisement was the ad banner created by HotWired for AT&T on October 25 1994. The thing that these forms of advertising have is that they employ direct-response marketing. This allocates customers to contact advertisers directly and immediately. Direct-response advertising
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