Digital And Collaborative Learning Practices

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The key problems, which I unfortunately was unable to identify in my first assessment, would be the lack of digital and collaborative learning practices in my teaching. These could be due to the following reasons:

1. Working within time frames to deliver the relevant content.
2. Not confident in using digital devices and its related applications/apps for learning purposes.
3. Lack of motivation to try something different.
4. Workload associated with creating content using digital innovation.
5. The school system does not demand an immediate need for digital and collaborative innovations (DCI).
6. Teaching to task in order to improve on the NCEA results.
7. Not aware of the effectiveness of DCI in classrooms.
8. Comfortable with the concept of being a traditional teacher.
9. There is no procedure or system in place about the expectations of students using digital devices in school.
10. The expectation of BOT and whanau to raise the achievement levels for external exams.
11. Heavy workload, which drains my energy level to incorporate DCI in my classroom.
12. Working in a decile 2 school where I have students who range from diverse families and cultures and with special needs therefore my lessons are planed in such a way, which caters the needs of individual students for which I must have a paper trail.
13. Lack of professional development regarding DCI.
14. High expectations from senior management with limited funding and tight budget.
15. Students limited access to BYOD.
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