Digital Artists Essay

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Digital Artists

When we think of artists, we think of paint on canvas, or clay masterpieces, or beautiful, timeless drawings, but what do you think when you hear digital artists? The acceptance of digital art into the mainstream art community is a controversy that is slowly becoming history. The controversy is essentially that many people believe that the art is created by the computer, and not by the artist. Numerous art exhibits and shows do not allow digital art in just for that reason. This is a lack of understanding of how the art is created, because images can not be created unless there is a creator with an idea and that person has gone through the creative process just like a normal artist.

When it
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Digital art really surfaced with the development of computer based painting. In 1984 Philip Perlstein used a paint system at NYIT (New York Institute of Technology). In 1998 the Digital Art Museum was created by Wolfgang Lieser.

The controversy over digital art is part to blame on its short history. When any new media in art is introduced, it is not accepted well because there is no understanding of it. Digital art is the just the first step in an art revolution. As soon as people become educated about digital forms of art, they can appreciate the outcome and the creative process that accompanies the finished product. When people know what a demanding process it is to create these masterpieces, the can disprove the myth that digital art is just button pushing. When the population knows the processes it can then be judged fairly. The controversy also includes the debate that digital artists have it easy, and it isn’t as hard to create masterpieces as in traditional media. Many digital artists are traditional artists that can draw, and paint and understand color and they believe that digital art is very demanding and requires the artist to not only use and understand creative tools but also mechanical tools. Many digital artists believe themselves to be artists first and technicians second.

There are many different types of digital art. The media and techniques range from lasers, computers, holograms, photocopiers, and satellite