Digital Beauty Essay examples

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Digital Beauty

Communication has always been a vital part of our lives, important as it is, it keeps us up to date with what is going on around us and is the base to mostly everything we do. Throughout the world there exists many ways of communicating with one another but one of the most popular and successful today is the multimedia and entertainment industry, with this photojournalism. With the rapid advances in technology, a TV, computer, or a magazine are more accessible than ever before. News and entertainment are available at the touch of a finger and sometimes that isn’t as healthy as it sounds. Photography today is now a key tool seen as a form of expression, an art, or a hobby, but most importantly as a significant part of a
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The editors are not only creating appealing magazine covers, but they are also increasing the rates of anorexia and bulimia around the country. These false images are creating fake perceptions of models, actresses and actors, making it seem as if excessively thin is the right thing be, leading teens to not being content with what they have. A website called Your Cover features about ten magazines which have been known to use photoshop in their images showing before and after pictures on improved photos, these include Redbook, Seventeen,and TIME. Modern photographers tend to chase personal success, in turn placing a cover over the original story that a photograph portrays. Elizabeth Anstead wrote an article which included this by Wally Win, “They [editors] think that ‘fiddling’ with images is like wordsmithing, but it’s not the same… I see this as one of the single biggest dangers to the integrity of photojournalism. People rely on us to present the story as it really happened. This is not fashion photography or the movies-- if things don’t look the way you want them too, then it’s the rub of the green!” stated Wally when asked about the “digital revolution”. This proves that the honesty and intent behind a picture is only as pure as the photographer (“Generations – An American Portrait”). Besides giving a wrong perspective, photoshop is now being required in more jobs, mostly those that have to do with magazine and advertising. Photoshop is not always used to

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