Digital Communication

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The world we live in today is ever changing with the advancement of technology in our daily aspect of life. Technology has changed and improved the way we communicate and relate with each other, the way we shop, do businesses, the way we make plans for the future and has gone far by bringing the world closer than ever before. This essay will focus mainly on certain areas such as, the differences between the traditional communication and the current communication style. It will slightly elaborate on the various forms of digital communication. I will also be discussing on how different cultures and societies practice digital communication and lastly on the negative and positive impact of digital communication. Communication is the…show more content…
Messages sent are guaranteed privacy unless information such as password is been shared. Traditional communication leaves not much room for communication to be available to distance and outside world. As there is the limited chance of information not reaching due to it cost of transmitting, this has reduced the means of communication compare to what we have now, where information is available freely and globally to everyone with a computer and internet connection. It has bridge the gap between developing societies and developed societies as all information is readily available online. The situation of things happening in another part of the world is available without moving an inch from a computer. Digital Communication is the exchange of information electronically. Recently, there has been a huge amount of change and development in digital communication. One of the significant changes within the digital revolution is a person’s ability to communicate with other people. In the 19th century, forms of communication were limited. In the 21st century, communication options have exploded to offer a wide variety of choices (e.g., e-mail, cellular phones, instant messaging, etc). The expanding digital communication options have changed everything because people are able to keep in constant communication with anyone else. Anyone is afforded the opportunity to access information anywhere
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