Digital Computers Are Not Capable Of Genuine Understanding

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I am going to argue that Searle is correct to claim that digital computers are not capable of genuine understanding. I believe computers are told what to do without any genuine understanding of what the computers are doing. It is impossible for a computer programmed machine to think.
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Exposition Searle believes that machines have no way of genuinely understanding of what they are doing. He believes that the mind and body are one and there is no way of a computer interacting the same way a mind and body interact. The mind acts on causal factors that we have learned from past experiences and emotions. In the Searle’s thought experiment; The Chinese Room, Searle wants to answer if the machine literally
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All the computer is doing is spitting out predetermined answers to questions received. The Chinese room experiment fails to produce understanding because computer operations are proper in that they only respond to the physical form of the symbols. Minds on the other hand have states with meaning, and they associate those physical symbols to a meaning. So although computers may be able to manipulate those symbols to produce appropriate responses to natural language input, they do not understand the sentences they receive or output, for they cannot associate meanings with the words.
Searle then supposes that he is in a closed room and has a book with an English version of the computer program. He could receive Chinese characters through a slot in the door, follow the program’s instructions and process them accordingly, and produce Chinese characters as output. If the computer had passed the Turing test this way, it follows, says Searle, that he would do so as well, simply by running the program manually. Searle does not know how to write or speak Chinese and states that he would not know the difference between Chinese symbols from Japanese symbols. There is essentially no difference between the role of the machine and himself. They are both using the same method of reaching the same answer. After this hypothetical experiment, Searle still does not know how to write, read or speak the Chinese
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