Digital Content Of Digital Media

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‘The term “new media” will in general refer to those digital media that are interactive, incorporate two-way communication, and involve some form of computing as opposed to “old media” such as the telephone, radio, and TV (Logan, 2010). Digital Media is a fluid term, not only is it a modern means of exchanging or distributing of information through electronic devices, but is also a constantly evolving one. This ‘information’ is known as digital content and it comes in numerous forms, which includes audio, video, texts and graphics. Typically, digital content signifies accessible data available for download such as e-books from Amazon’s ‘Kindle’ or music from ‘Google Play’. However, many in this digital content industry dispute that digital content is simply anything that can be circulated, digitally. Taking this into consideration, it’s Needless to say that for one to ‘surf the web’, he/she will undoubtedly be viewing or listening to a chunk of digital content. When the dot-com bubble burst in Autumn 2001, it became a watershed for the history of the Internet, which led to the birth of web 2.0 and it’s evolving concepts. ‘Web 2.0 is a convergence of social and business practices rather than a technology transition’ (Sankar and Bouchard, 2009). Although this has truth behind it, there is no denying that web 2.0 imprinted a change on us, as a general public and the Internet as an innovative tool. In the beginning of the web, we utilised it as an instrument. Today, we aren 't
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