Digital Creations: a Chance or a Trap for the Furture Investment

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DIGITAL CREATIONS: A CHANCE OR A TRAP FOR THE FURTURE INVESTMENT A case study of CREATIVITY DESIGN: EXPERIMENTING AND INNOVATION AT TEAMLAB JAPAN by CHEN Fei wen Executive summery The purpose of this report was to analyze the situations of TeamLab and digital creations, discuss some implementation plans and explore the related market. 1. major issues After reading the materials, there are about three major issues on TeamLab. Details as blew. First of all, at the current market situation, commercial application of digital creations still remains immature. Though the market is still a Blue Ocean, it is hard for TeamLab to make a reasonable profit. There is not enough demand from the market, so TeamLab is still a long way to off.…show more content…
Sixty percent of TeamLab’s employees were engineers, and another twenty percent were creative designers. Only seventeen percent employees were charge of the projects and the remaining employees were back-office operating clerks. The flat organizational structure made TeamLab be the source of creativity and highly collaborative. TeamLab was easy to make all projects available to every employee, and encourage constant communication between members. Through its organizational structure and highly collaborative working process, TeamLab provide a large number of high-quality and creative products and services. Moreover, its products and service serve a wide range operation around the world. In addition to digital artwork displayed in exhibitions and museums, TeamLab also developed new technologic innovations by producing products, phone applications and digital programs for commercial use. Brand promotion In 2011, as Kudo joined TeamLab, the company started to create the company’s brand in earnest. It is pretty interesting that the company do not believe the power of setting a marketing team. Because it is now the age of internet, TeamLab attempts to take advantage of network communication. Through the social media sharing, the company received considerable media attention in the past five years or so. Further development Lack of other established players, TeamLab struggled

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