Essay on Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism

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Digital Crime and Digital Terrorism are crimes that are of high relevance to the roles and responses of law enforcement that involve offenses committed by way of, and aid of computers and other technology advanced devices that includes but is not limited to: identify theft, fraud, computer hackers, inside and outside espionage, white collar crimes, and virus and malicious code writers; in conjunction with digital terrorism in terms of concepts of information warfare and cyber terrorism. All of these crimes are of heightened relevance that requires the immediate assistance of law enforcement personnel of local, state, and federal agencies because of anonymity and how quickly these crimes can occur. “Digital crime involves computers as…show more content…
The Department of Justice has increased efforts to respond to the legal threats postured by cybercriminals. As stated by Taylor, “The Criminal Division Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) is primarily responsible for prosecuting violations of the Federal Code by Title 18-Section 1030, of the Computer Fraud & Abuse Act. The scope of DOJ jurisdiction in these types of crimes has expanded with the enactment of the National Information and Infrastructure Protection Act of 1996. Currently this division employs attorneys who focus exclusively on legal issues raised by computer and intellectual property crimes.” (Taylor, 2011) Although cyber adversaries’ capabilities are at an all-time high, fighting this challenge is a top priority of the FBI and the entire government. Teams, units, and divisions are being created in law enforcement agencies to educate, train, and successfully apprehend criminals who are subjective to committing digital and terroristic crimes. As noted by Snow, “The FBI’s statutory authority, expertise, and ability to combine resources across multiple programs make it uniquely situated to investigate, collect, and disseminate intelligence about and counter cyber threats from criminals, nation-states, and terrorists. The FBI is a substantial component of the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI), the interagency strategy to protect our digital infrastructure as a national security priority. Through

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