Digital / Direct Response Advertising, Sales Promotion, And Research Within Advertising

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Throughout chapters 13, 14, and 15 I learned a lot about digital/direct-response advertising, sales promotion, and research within advertising. In particular I learned about digital media pros and cons, consumer advertising, and focus groups. I also discovered multiple things that I am able to apply to real life, for instance contests and sweepstakes. After looking more in depth into these parts of advertising, I definitely have a better understanding of them compared to before I looked through these chapters. My first impression on digital media was that it simply was anything that could be advertised over technology. However, after looking into it I discovered that not only does media have many benefits for advertising but it also have many negative sides to it. Some pros are that digital media offers advertising that is inexpensive, quick , measurable and easily targeted. It also serves as as a combination of interactive audio and video capabilities which is great for getting the consumers interest and focus. Lastly digital media is extremely flexible, which means you can change messages immediately depending on whats trending. As far as the cons to digital media only some forms of media advertising are doing well for some markets, so some aren’t ready to take the risk. Some customers are also hesitant to purchasing anything over the media services due to fear of identity safety. Although there are many benefits of media advertising, are they worth some of the cons?…
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