Digital Disruption Is A Threat Or An Opportunity?

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Digital disruption is the vicissitude that occurs when incipient digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of subsisting goods and accommodations. “Is your company at risk of being disrupted by digital technology?” “Is digital disruption a threat or an opportunity?” Disruption in most cases holds negative connotations, though digital disruption is not inherently negative or positive. There is opportunity for those who want to embrace digital disruption effectively and sustainably, but a threat exists for those who do not. Digital disruption democratises access to the newest technologies in a variety of ways. Firstly it avails diminutive companies to access the same technologies as major companies. For instance in the past 15 years, technology has developed at accelerating speeds. “The IBM PC on Nieman Reports ' Editor Melissa Ludtke 's desk today is 30 or 40 times more powerful than the Gateway computer she had in 1999”. This relates to Moores law which predicted that technology would roughly advance every two years. Components would become half the size, consume much less electricity and become twice as fast and productive. Most technologies developed usually come with physical constraints, in other terms there are limits. Cars are limited on how fast they can go or how high a skyscraper can be built without collapsing; these physicals boundaries create a stall in progression which gives human beings a change to adapt. Digital technology
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