Digital Disruption On Business Governance

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ISYS2423 Individual Report
Name: Brian Au
Student Number: 3333937
Topic: Digital Disruption


The business world continues to change dramatically as new technologies are invented. Organizations and businesses are experiencing waves of technological change and innovation and the process. Thus, management strategies of the organizations have to be altered to match the new technologies if businesses are to remain competitive and active in the market place. Digital disruption can be defined as the changes that take place when new technologies and business models affect the promise of value to be delivered by existing goods and services (McQuivey 2015). Change experienced in information and communication technology cannot be assumed as this greatly affects business governance and business models. It is indisputable that business and organizations are facing imminent and major digital disruptions and it is important for each organization to understand the issues raised by digital disruption to be able to develop specific, pragmatic, and proportional responses (Deloitte 2015). This research seeks to show how digital disruption impacts business governance and how it opens unprecedented business opportunities and possibilities. The report shows how the innovations accompanying digital disruption changes economies and markets and how they reinvent relationships between organizations, suppliers and customers.
Impact of Digital Disruptions on Business
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