Digital Equipment Corporation and Hp

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Hewlett-Packard Introduction: Hewlett-Packard is one of the largest corporations in the world. Hewlett Packard is divided into three general segments: imaging and printing systems, computing systems, and information technology services. After acquiring Compaq Computer Company, HP is currently the world’s largest computer company. HP is a growth oriented corporation that strives to stay ahead in all of its market segments. History: HP was started by two electrical engineers who graduated from Stanford University in 1934. During a two-week camping trip, following graduation, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard became close friends. Bill continued his education, taking graduate courses at MIT while Dave worked at General…show more content…
The 1960’s saw HP continue to develop as a well-managed corporation that was great to work for. In 1960 HP opened a manufacturing plant in Loveland, Colorado; its first manufacturing plant in the U.S. that was outside of Palo Alto, California. HP expanded into the medical field in 1961 with the acquisition of Sanborn Company. This division would later become Agilent Technologies, a company formed from HP. HP made Fortune magazine’s top 500 U.S. companies in 1962 for the first time. In 1963 HP entered the Asian market with a joint venture with Yokogawa Electric Works. Through the rest of the 60’s HP continued to grow rapidly. HP introduced a device to monitor fetal heart rates, acquired a company that produced chemical analysis equipment, created a flexible work schedule program, where employees could come in when they wanted and leave when they wanted as long as they worked a certain number of hours per week. HP gave the world the first desktop scientific calculator in 1968 and in 1969 Dave Packard was appointed U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense. Dave used his management skills to reconfigure cumbersome processes and made improvements in the military’s efficiency while lowering costs of carrying out processes. HP didn’t slow down growth at all during the 1970’s. HP introduced the world to the first handheld scientific calculator in 1972. This device has recently been regarded by Forbes
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