Digital Film And Digital Technologies Essay

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Regarding my photographic process - I am somewhat bilingual, making use of both analog film and digital technologies. I primarily shoot large format sheet film with a view camera because of the amount of control the camera provides and the rich, descriptive negative that the process yields. The image is output in the form of archival pigment prints which are then sprayed with a clear coat that enhances the blacks of the print. The prints are produced using a drum scanner and large format printers which provide a high degree of control, sharpness, and description that is imperative to my work and not possible in the dark room. The photographs presented in my thesis exhibition reflect semantic, semiotic, and philosophical interests. They also describe formal concerns - contrasting surfaces and architectural anomalies may create a kind of perceptual discrepancy upon first glance. The pictures, however, are decidedly un-mediated descriptions of real world phenomena. In this way, the photographs demonstrate an interest in the ready-made and my on-going commitment to making work in and of the world. In the removed sign works, I photographed residual adhesive attached to walls after signs have been removed. Confined by the rectangle of the photographic frame or the sign 's outline - the adhesive remnant, stripped of it 's utility, may emerge as a kind of ready-made painting. In lieu of the expected directives on the surface of these deteriorating walls are accumulated,
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