Digital Forensics Is The Procedure Of Revealing And Understanding Electronic Information

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ABSTRACT: digital forensics is the procedure of revealing and understanding electronic information. The objective of the procedure is to protect any confirmation in its most unique structure while collecting so as to perform an organized examination, recognizing and approving the advanced data. Digital evidence is not only used for electronic crimes but also used to accuse any type of crime. The goal of digital forensic analysis is to find evidence for an investigation. This paper gives summary of digital forensics, and also the processes, and uses in digital forensics involved investigations. This paper also reviews the tools used for digital forensics in today’s world. Keywords: digital forensics, digital evidence,…show more content…
As computer related crimes started increasing during 1980s and 1990s, the law enforcements agencies started creating special investigation groups. These groups helped in detecting evidence for the crimes. FBI created a team for computer analysis and response in 1984. Through 1990s the demand for these kinds of groups increased. In 2001, the British National Hi-Tech Crime Unit was arranged to deliver National framework for computer crime. The significance of digital forensics is that, they believe almost 95% of the criminals leave at least minute evidence that could help in resolving the crime using digital forensics. In the recent days, the criminals are smart and they know the technologies used by the Police/ FBI to resolve the crimes. So the criminals are becoming smart in committing crimes. They are using advanced methods to escape from the crimes. They are using encryption and other data-hiding techniques. The traditional methods cannot search if these techniques of data hiding are used. In order to recover the data we could use digital forensics. There are a few steps in forensic process like, collection of data, examining the collected data using forensic tools, and then analyzing the result after examination and last step is reporting the result of analysis. Relevant information found, actions performed, suggested developments to the procedure and

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