Digital Image And Its Effect On The Quality Of Image

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Abstract: In image processing, noise reduction and restoration of image is expected to improve the qualitative inspection of an image and the performance criteria of quantitative image analysis techniques Digital image is inclined to a variety of noise which affects the quality of image. The main purpose of de-noising the image is to restore the detail of original image as much as possible. The criteria of the noise removal problem depends on the noise type by which the image is corrupting .In the field of reducing the image noise several type of linear and non linear filtering techniques have been proposed . Different approaches for reduction of noise and image enhancement have been considered, each of which has their own limitation and advantages. Index Terms- Digital Image Processing, Images Types, Image Noise Model, Filters INTRODUCTION Digital Image process could be a part of digital signal process .The area of digital image process refers to handling digital pictures by means of a computing device. Digital image process has many merits on analog image process; it permits a significantly wider assortment of algorithms to be apply to input file and may keep from issues for instance the build-up of noise and signal deformation throughout processing. Digital Image process involves the modification of digital information for improving the image qualities with the help of system. The process helps in maximize the clarity, sharpness of image and details of options of

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