Digital India

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Digital India
A programme to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy


What is Digital India?

Digital India is a Programme to prepare India for a knowledge future.
The focus is on being transformative – to realize IT + IT = IT
The focus is on making technology central to enabling change.
It is an Umbrella Programme – covering many departments.
 It weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single, comprehensive vision so that each of them is seen as part of a larger goal.
 Each individual element stands on its own. But is also part of the larger picture.
 It is coordinated by DeitY, implemented by the entire government.
 The weaving together makes
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services to all GPs

This should be long term vision for POs


Pillar 4. e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology

Government Business Process Re-engineering using IT to improve transactions • Form Simplification, reduction
• Online applications and tracking, Interface between departments

• Use of online repositories e.g. school certificates, voter ID cards, etc.
• Integration of services and platforms – UIDAI, Payment Gateway, Mobile Platform, EDI

 Electronic Databases – all databases and information to be electronic, not manual
 Workflow automation inside government
 Public Grievance Redressal - using IT to automate, respond, analyse data to identify and resolve persistent problems – largely process improvements

 To be implemented across government - critical for transformation.


Pillar 5. eKranti - Electronic Delivery of Services
 Technology for Education – e-Education  Technology for Farmers
• Real time price information
• All Schools connected with broadband
• Online ordering of inputs
• Free wifi in all schools (250,000)
• Online cash, loan, relief payment with mobile
• Digital Literacy program banking • MOOCs – develop pilot Massive Online Open
 Technology for Health – e-Healthcare
• Online medical consultation
• Online medical records
• Online medicine supply
• Pan-India exchange for patient
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