Digital Information And Telecommunications Technologies

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According to the Health Recourses and Services Administration, “Tele health is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long distance clinical healthcare, patient and professional health related education, public health, and health administration”(para 1) . Technology is has taken over our every-day lives and has slowly integrated into our health care system. According to Ronda Hughes, “Tele nursing is the use of technology to deliver nursing care and conduct nursing practice” (para 3). The two terms are closely related. Tele nursing cannot be defined without first defining the term of tele health, but what does the tele heath and nursing world look like? What does a tele nurse do and how is it a benefit to the patients and/or the nursing profession? First of all, the new grad nurse fresh off the graduation line-up is not read for this job (Stokowski, 2008). Tele health takes out some of the senses and inhibits others. The sense of touch is completely hindered while the senses of hearing and sight are impeded by distance and the limits of the technology used. While advancements in technology are occurring every day, the loss of these skills can be a detriment to a nurse that has not fully develop their clinical skills. Another hindrance to a new nurse starting in the tele health field is the minimal interaction with other healthcare providers. A new nurse needs to be trained or “raised” by a fully mature nurse. Nursing school, whether
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