Digital Life - How Technology Has Changed Us

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Digital Life Every day people are hit constantly by a bombardment of online media. It used to be that people would see billboards, TV commercials and magazine, but with advancement of technology people remain wired into the internet 24/7. “Smartphones” are a great example of a device that promotes constant connections. It enables people to be connected to online media at all times. The effects that this constant connection has had on people in general are life changing. We can certainly agree that the lives of everyone who has access to these connections will change over time. The primary change that is happening in everyone’s life is the way we communicate with each other. Just 10 years ago cellphones were starting to become more and…show more content…
Since humans by nature seek companionship, they make the life altering choice to remain connected at all times. In doing so one loses the knowledge of the beauty of being alone outside. Like Sherry Turkle said on a radio interview “If you don't know how to be alone, you'll only always know how to be lonely. If you're always reaching for the device, the cell, the Facebook, the sharing, you lose that.” (Tippet 1) What she is trying to say is that because of our fear of loneliness, we remain connected to online media all the time thus losing our ability to embrace being alone and absorbing the wonders around you. Another huge change it has in our life is in the cognitive sense. When people need to know a bit of information they used to go to the library or find it in the newspaper among other sources. Over time it got to the point where it was as simple as “googling” for it. Currently it has gotten to the point where people rely on a small number of sources for information. The biggest one being “,” which is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and is maintained by other people. While there used to be a process that makes you think and search for information through stacks of books and articles, today it is not as interactive as it was then. The result is a slump in many habits like studying and similar queries of knowledge and the increase in bad habits like laziness and reliability in sloppy sources. An

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