Digital Marketing And Its Impact On Society Essay

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New technologies have brought a better lifestyle for the society since it easily satisfies their necessities, shopping, interaction, communication around the world, dating, promoting and working are easy activities that can be done through a computer, a phone and a tablet. In general, all industries benefit from it, medicine, tourism, education, entertainment among many others. Digital marketing is a new challenge that has transform agencies, publicity and companies’ approach with the purpose of obtaining a closer relationship with customers, and generate an effective reach. As a result, the technological innovations have brought new strategies in Digital Marketing in areas such as communication, loyalty management, advertisement techniques and new media resources. Presently there are a variety of psychological and social effects of digital marketing for businesses that impact the societies life styles. Because of the digital revolution, businesses must worry about not only the creation and distribution of the product, but the customer experience by making data actionable and providing a persistent, relevant and personalize experience by following the customer’s lead. The dominant logic of marketing is shifting from the exchange of goods toward service, interactivity, connectivity and ongoing relationships (Vargo and Lusch). One of the most important key of digital marketing trough online platform is the customer’s satisfaction and businesses are giving the opportunity to

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