Digital Marketing And Its Impact On The Business World

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If you have bought a product throughout a web page, where you have observed the characteristics, have read the comments about your product. Thus, you have experienced Digital Marketing. Nowadays, it is possible to have a direct a personalized interaction with the product that you desire to obtain thanks to this tool. Digital Marketing is the result of the human necessity of being understood combined with the changes in electronic media that allows faster communications. Internet has permitted to conduct marketing communications functions economically and efficiently (Breitenbach & Van Doren, 1998, p1). Internet has permitted us to communicate ideas clearly and rapidly. The technology boom has eased and accelerated the interaction between…show more content…
Before the use of Internet among firms and households, there did not exist a dynamic method to handle with masses of data related to customers. Therefore, the increased use of technology has improved the customer-company relationships, which has come into play thanks to the need for an ample utilization of a demand product (Obal & Lancioni, 2013, p2) (Obal & Lancioni, 2013). Digital Marketing has allowed web sites to be portals for a constant and an active interaction between needs and solutions. A T-shirt shown in can be observed in Paris, New York and Lawrence at the same time. Each of the three potential buyer can desired that good but in different tones and sizes. Diverse consumers identify uniquely with a brand or a product. Internet allows a fast-personalized attention at low cost operations. Firms do not have to spend huge quantities of advertisement campaigns on TV or radio so as to get a market. Multiple company locations are not required for worldwide sales. Therefore, Digital Marketing has become an important ally for companies’ today and for attaining high returns and lower costs. It stands as a necessary tool for any type of current promotion and operation. Nevertheless, Digital Marketing has benefited persons who do not have interest in buying a certain product. Besides a product, there exist several situations in which advertisement convert in an
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