Digital Marketing Plan For A Marketing Strategy

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When was the last time you reviewed your digital marketing plan? If it has been over 3 months, then it 's time. Even if you feel your digital marketing is on track because your goals are being met, a review should still be conducted. Obviously, if you don 't have an existing plan, then you need one ASAP. At the end of this post, you will find a collection of valuable resources and templates to help you create such a plan. In the meantime, continue reading through as the content here too offers valuable insight on what goes into a digital marketing plan. For those working off a plan, your digital marketing checkup will revisit your Goals, Target Audience Profile, and overall Digital Presence. Goals: Regardless of the term you use…show more content…
However, the once R&B station has now become a country music station due to a shift in your demographics listening preference. Therefore, your CEO has decided to shift to selling cowboy hats and boots. Wouldn 't that be a hog stinking mess if you continued to put money on a campaign that provided no ROI because it was irrelevant. This is why revisiting your goals often is important! Target Audience: Even if you have already gone through an analysis of your target audience, reviewing allows you to fine tune your assessment and find unexpected surprises. The more characteristics you can uncover for your target audience the better your digital presence and goal attainment. Not too long ago, I was hired to do a digital assessment for a company that sold products for men. Specifically, professional men between the ages of 30-50. However, during a review we noticed that a lot of females in that similar age group was liking their social media pages and visiting the website. Why? They were buying gifts for their significant others. We would have totally missed this had we not done our target audience review. This new finding caused a refocus on how the product was marketed. Pinterest became an ideal social media platform to utilize and the images and verbiage selected were modified to meet the newly discovered target audience segment. Reevaluating your audience also lets you know if they are still reachable in the mode you
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