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Digital Marketing Plan for


Current Situation Analysis:

Other competitors of in shorten URL market are Google, Bitly & Tiny URL.

vs. –

A Quick Analysis of Present Website Page:
The present website page of has positive points – - The response rate is good - Straight away tells about the website agenda - User friendly However, there are certain elements identified which could further enhance the overall packaging of website – - The Logo re-design is requirement for – Logo represents the identity of company and acts as one of major source of creating connect with the customer. Present logo is too simple and outdated; require some flashy logo in relevance with the company profile and
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2. Promoted Tweets - are ideal for advertisers that want to reach more users outside of their immediate following. Promoted Trends are offered to the advertiser for a flat fee – and this can be many thousands of pounds per day. 3. Promoted Accounts - are offered on a cost per follow basis and mean that a chosen Twitter account is placed at the top of the „Who to Follow‟ section for targeted users. This is great for building up followers very quickly

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn targets a very specific demographic, it gives you the chance to zone in on business professionals and particular industries. Just as with Ad words, there are two payment options for LinkedIn advertising: pay-per-click (CPC) and pay-per1,000 impressions (CPM).


Action Plan

The action plan to achieve the set met object needs to be defined as short, medium and long term basis

Short Term - Weekend Ad posting on social networking sites - Write a Blog and be active participant on IT issue specify sites Medium Term - Review the visitor / user data and to identify the source of new bees - Change the Ad posting ratio on basis of response from various sites

Long Term - Ad posting frequency to be done once a week (either Saturday or Sunday) - Establish connect with corporate & big data registered users to explore further business



The budget strategy should be designed while keeping in mind to
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